How to set-up a business correctly?

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Who doesn’t want to be a boss? And awaiting your turn to be the boss can be frustrating. Ergo, starting a business is the best and the fastest way to be the boss. Setting up a business is not a fancy tale to the peak of riches and luxury. It is a grinding job and it takes more than a 9-5 job.

If you are ready to set up a business then here are some of the most crucial steps:


Enter a familiar territory:

Most business leaders are also the masters of their trades. Entering a business that you know will help you to find out the best deals and connections. Opting for a familiar business domain comes with additional benefits. You are already aware of the market size and consumer demands. You know what you can bring to the table.

Embarking uncharted territory may seem adventurous but it will demand a lot of time and effort from you.

Also find out which business type is best for you, sole ownership, partnership, or a corporate brand.


Research thoroughly:

Establishing a company is a major decision. Conduct your research before taking the leap of faith. You can start by surfing the web and leveraging the power of social media. Here are a few ways to start your journey from scratch.

  • Create accounts on popular social media platforms.
  • Follow the leaders of your domain on social media.
  • Take online courses.
  • Attend webinars by leading coaches or mentors.
  • Make a list of the best brands in your arena and study their business strategies.
  • Study the market trends
  • Take up an internship with a leading brand or join as a full-time employee with them.

This will introduce you to the popular trends as well as the loopholes of the businesses.


The network is the net worth:

In contemporary times, networking is paramount for any business to survive. Making a network is essential to build the skeleton of your board. Making connections will help you explore the newer markets, will help you to learn about the latest technical and legal developments, and much more.

Try to connect with lawyers, consultants, suppliers to introduce yourself and your plans of owning a brand. This will help to create hype for your brand.


Chalk out a plan:

It is a misconception that business plans are complicated compilations of financial data and market figures.

If you talk to popular business coaches their plans are clear and concise but astoundingly simple with 5 or 6 steps. They don’t have thick journals as plans but easy flow charts.

Many popular business coaches emphasize the magic of simplicity. A simple business plan has clearly defined steps that lead to the desired effect.

If you are unable to simplify your strategy then break each step into smaller steps. Then take one step at a time.


Rope in the aces:

Consulting an expert can help you to improvise your plans and bring more pragmatism to your strategy. Roping in professional consultants can also bring many worthy connections that can help you to market and establish your name in your niche.

A consultant can also help you to find out your niche arena which can help you to tap into the unexplored markets and potential client base.


Seed investments:

Founding a business is very expensive. And almost all businesses come with hidden costs. Investment is a critical part of rearing a business.

Plan to seek seed funding or apply for loans and mortgages. Never launch a business with shallow budgets.


Legal obligations:

Every country has some legal formalities and parameters for businesses. Register your business with the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary licenses and permits.



Start keeping your books from the beginning of the business. This will help you in analyzing the taxes and filling up the returns.

Bad bookkeeping or missing the tax returns may affect your reputation and credit score too.



A well-planned business is bound to grow. You may need to expand your team with time. Before commencing to hire, scout for the best candidates via job fairs and campus placements.

In the first few years of launching a new business, hiring expensive candidates is not plausible.

So, focus on hiring diligent candidates rather than seasoned professionals. Don’t expect to work people on poor remuneration because you’re just starting. Finding, grooming, and sustaining the best of the staff is the most important factor of a successful enterprise.


Monetize your business:

Any business can’t help you reap profits with a trimester. But even if the business is not yielding ROI after six months then you may run into losses.

Marketing your business via WOM (word of mouth) and digital mediums are the best ways to penetrate even the most tight-knit markets.

In the end, it’s your dream and if you’re not motivated enough to keep growing then don’t expect your team to stay on board.

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