Tax Preparation & Filings

Look to our tax professionals for innovative tax technology solutions to help ease compliance and improve efficiency. Zoom Tax professionals have developed unique tools in response to marketplace opportunities, challenges, and evolving regulations and can deliver turnkey tax compliance outsourcing. Using a combination of reason and instinct, we can work with you to develop a strategy that helps you both understand and manage your tax liability in a transparent and ethical way.

Zoom experienced professionals provide comprehensive tax services to help business owners, executives and individuals identify immediate and potential tax opportunities and concerns. Our tax specialists collaborate with colleagues in multiple disciplines to minimize your tax burdens and accelerate tax deductions.

Our tax professionals draw on deep experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights an Our tax professionals draw on deep experience and industry-specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need to maintain compliance and drive value – wherever they do business. The innovation they need to maintain compliance and drive value – wherever they do business.

Our Expertise

Personal Taxes.


Self-Employment Taxes.


Corporate Taxes.


Sales Tax HST.


Personal Taxes

Filing personal taxes with utmost accuracy and perfection is our primary goal. Our experts can help you with filing your taxes perfectly so that you can reduce any kind of tax obligations if required. Our experts will spend time understanding your personal taxes effectively.

This way we will be able to answer any questions that you have regarding the taxation policies. We have a deep understanding of taxes and with this, we will be able to aid you in various ways than you can actually imagine. Our experts will provide you guidance in each and every step.

Corporate Tax

Zoom Business Management has tax experts who will look over your financial statements and file the tax returns. We leave no stone unturned in determining the ways in which we can reduce the tax burden on you. We ensure that in the end, you will be paying the least tax with minimized risk.

The tax environment is different in Canada and it undergoes changes very frequently. We have tax experts who keep themselves updated about the changes in tax and provide you with the required support whenever you are filing the taxes. We anticipate and deal with taxation laws very effectively.

Self-Employment Taxes

Self-employment taxes are often hard to file as there are so many obligations. At Zoom Business Management, we will clear all your doubts regarding the self-employment taxes and file them with the utmost precision. We try our best to reduce the tax burden on you.

We gain a holistic approach to everything by working closely with you. Understanding your work and the tax-related issues that it brings along with it are our obligation. Although your tax filing procedure is tough, we will help you in understanding it.

Sales Tax HST

Filing sales tax is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many important factors that you have to consider while filing these taxes. We at Zoom Business Management will make your complex sales tax filing simple. We will ensure that the taxes are filed with accuracy and you will get all the required benefits associated with it.

Our team of experts always try to reduce the tax burden on our clients. We will study all the obligations and try to put in the required efforts to minimize the tax burden on you.

Why Zoom Business Solutions?

We have tax professionals with some years of experience working with us. They will file your taxes in compliance with all the rules and also ensure that you have a very less tax burden.

Be it personal, corporate or self-employment taxes, we will help you with filing them accurately. Our team ensures to minimize your risk with taxes and saves you a good amount of money at the same time.

Meet Our Experts

PIT offers well-coordinated business solutions by our experienced internal team to meet your business goals.

Further, we can bring external professionals to assist outside of our expertise wherever needs are.

This will allow you to get your all business need in One Stop with confidence. This gives more time for business owners to focus on their business in a productive way.