Accounting & Bookkeeping

Harnessing our deep experience serving companies of every size and in nearly every industry, we understand the risks, challenges, and opportunities posed by transactions and emerging regulations. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking to keep your finances in check, Zoom Accounting professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients from basic bookkeeping to complex accounting issues, we’re here to handle your finances with integrity and accuracy.

Our Expertise

Public company services.

Accounting and reporting advisory services.


Estate planning.

Controller Services.


Public Company Services

From corporate governance for your business to IPOs, Zoom Business Management experts will take care of a wide range of public company services.

Our unique and in-depth resources along with experts can help any business irrespective of its size. We work closely with various organizations like SEC in order to deliver effective service for our clients.

Estate Planning

We will help you in the bequeathing of the assets to heirs and settling the taxes related to your businesses.

We understand the importance of estate planning and hence we ensure that the entire task is done with perfection and all of your assets are managed effectively.

Accounting and Reporting Advisory Services

Zoom Business Management will help you to stay ahead of the new financial reporting requirements with ease.

You will get in-depth and updated knowledge of accounting and reporting services from time to time from Zoom. We also provide you with the leading practices in your industry regarding the same.

Controller Services

We have designed controller strategies in a way that they align with the exact needs of any growing business.

Our controllers’ team is responsible to oversee the client’s accounts, provide financial advice and timely insights along with proactive account management.


We deliver tailor-made auditing services of high quality for our clients.

We focus on providing reliable solutions for our clients so that they can steer through complex professional requirements with a lot of agility and clarity.


We offer you effective bookkeeping services and ensure that all of your finances are in proper order.

Be it basic bookkeeping services or any other complex accounting solutions, Zoom Business Management will take care of everything without affecting your business.

Why Zoom Business Solutions?

You don’t have to worry about your financial management once you outsource it to Zoom Business Management. We have the financial experts in our team who will take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping with the utmost efficiency.

Our experience with accounting and bookkeeping is going to help your business in a lot of ways. We take care of your finances while you focus on the core of your business without worrying about money issues.

Meet Our Experts

PIT offers well-coordinated business solutions by our experienced internal team to meet your business goals.

Further, we can bring external professionals to assist outside of our expertise wherever needs are.

This will allow you to get your all business need in One Stop with confidence. This gives more time for business owners to focus on their business in a productive way.